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Vin Gris of Pinot Noir, Sanford & Benedict
Barrel fermented saignée and press lots of Pinot Noir.  Serendipitous partial malolactic fermentation while aging in some new, but mostly neutral, French oak barrels.  The result is a rich full rosé wine that pairs well with food, views, and picnics; providing a remedy for these serious times.
By its nature Vin Gris, the fact of it, is not being clear. Here’s a beguiling beauty that is an understated and mysterious. A glittering image with a striking splash of pink and a charm that belies its serious nature.


Viognier, Sanford & Benedict
A tiny parcel of old vine Viognier exists at Sanford & Benedict and has been a wine made by others that we have always felt was the best produced in California.  We pick this varietal earlier than others to restrain her voluptuous ways.  Barrel fermented and aged sur lies in some new and some neutral French oak barrels.

Barden Viognier is a wine on a pedestal. The dream of what can be, incarnate.  She’s beautiful and captivating and so often unattainable.   Easy come, easy go. A little high, little low. Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me.


A blend of Chardonnay Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris picked for a balance of flavor and acidity.  Barrel fermented in our 55 degree winery, inoculated for malolactic fermentation and battonaged for 3 months.  Aged 6 months sur-lie in 1 year old demi-muid barrels from Tonnellerie Ermitage.
Barden Fonte is a collection of rambling memories assembled to reflect the image we imagined it would be. A Fonte is fountain or spring.


Chardonnay and Sanford & Benedict, Chardonnay
We pick Chardonnay for opulent flavors and barrel ferment in our 55-degree winery, encourage full malolactic fermentation.  Battonaged for 4 months.  Aged 10 months sur-lie in about half new French oak barriques from Quintessence and François Frères and half in neutral French oak barriques.
Barden Chardonnay. Apart but together again. Ours is a path less taken, an assemblage of noble places, temptresses and impossible loves.


Pinot Noir and Sanford & Benedict, Pinot Noir
We hand sort and a percentage is whole cluster fermented, with a 6-10 day cold soak, natural (wild) fermentation, only free-run wine used, no SO2 during maturation on full lees, bottled un-fined and unfiltered.  Matured for 10 months in mostly new French oak barriques from Françoise Frères and Ermitage.
Barden Pinot Noir is formed so as to touch the heart, mind, body and soul. It’s wrapped in a cloak of mystery, lightly adorned, and respected. Ours is a swirling worldly vision, moody but aware.


Making cold climate Grenache is a serious matter.  Open top fermentation and punched down by men and women atop a one ton open top fermenter.  Aged in a 2,000 liter French oak foudre for ten months.
Sexy, light red, fine, beautiful, delicate, fancy, exquisite, feminine, pretty, lovely, silky, exotic, secret, handmade, seductive, luxurious, and provocative.

Cold climate grown Syrah produces appealing aromatics of pink, white black pepper and earthiness. Fermented in 400 liter open top insulated fermenters. Aged in half new Françoise Frères and half new Ermitage French oak barrels.

Barden Syrah is shaped and sculptured. Its drapes reveal dark places full of the unknown; frighteningly sinister, packed, and powerful. Syrah is our blood-right and our passion.
Douglas Barden Margerum
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